Diaper Bags

So many diaper bags out there, how do you even go about finding one that is functional and still fashionable? Ju-Ju-Be and Petunia Pickle Bottom are great options, but here are some we found with some great features:

PacaPod, Richmond - Herringbone, HEREThis genius bag has three pods: insulated feeder pod, changer pod and changing mat. So easy to keep everything organized and still look fashionable.

Nest Designs, Kiera Fold Out Clutch, HERE. A clutch that folds out into a changing mat! Stylish and perfect for short trips with just enough room for a diaper or two and some wipes.

Baby Boom, XLR8 Connect and Go, HERE. This bag has all everything you need! In addition to insulation and diaper bag organization, it has a rechargeable power pack for your devices and a bluetooth speaker. This is a diaper bag dads won't mind carrying around at all!

Peke-Buo Bag HERE. These are new designs that you can pre-order now and will be in production in September. Easily portable with a fold out changing pad and just enough room for the essentials. Throw it in your own purse or stick it just grab it and go!

Or, why not skip the diaper bag altogether? Backpacks are a great way to keep everything together and keep you hands free to juggle everything else. You probably already have one lying around somewhere that would work great.

What is your favorite diaper bag? What are you diaper bag must-haves?

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