Monday Must-Haves: Back to School

Back to School Custom Gifts

Can you believe it is already school? Here are all our favorite custom things to get your little one ready for school:



Critter Backpack, Pottery Barn Kids, on sale for $23 HERE.
Construction Truck Backpack, Dibsies, on sale for $29.95 HERE.


Astronaut Lunch Box, Zazzle, $39.95 HERE.
Unicorn Lunch Box, Zazzle, $43.95 HERE.


Pencil Notebook, Green Chair Press, $15+ HERE.
Monogram Notebook, Old Ways Fuss N Feathers, $12.75 HERE.


Donuts Stickers, Minted, $16 HERE.
Airplane Stickers, Minted, $16 HERE.


Pirate Book, Freckle Box, $19.95 HERE. Reading is so much more fun when you are in the book!
Intergalactic Journey Book, Lost My Name, $29.99 HERE. These books are amazing! You provide your child's name and address and your kiddo becomes the main character! They get lost in space, but make their way home. The book shows the country and even the neighborhood you live in! 


Apple Core Quilt, Stitched, $139 or $219 HERE. What's more appropriate for back to school season than an apple quilt? Have your little one help you pick out the fabrics they like to make it their very own!

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