Monday Must-Haves: Dinner Time!

Picky eaters make meal times feel like a battle. You might not always win with your kiddos, but with these meal time gadgets, you are sure too. Nom nom nom!




Ms Food Face, Fred, $13 HERE. These darling plates are ceramic, so maybe not younger kid friendly. But your older ones are sure to love the creativity. Sometimes playing with your food is just fine!




















Happy Mat, ezpz, $24.99 HERE. This is a plate combines with a placemat. It suctions to the table to avoid any plate-toppling messes. 








Little Me, Dylbug, $25-$52 HERE. These custom plates are made to look just like your little one and comes with a clothing cutout. No kid could refuse cucumber when it's been turned into a sword! 





Eating Sets:


Food Feeder, Kidsme, $12.99 HERE.Construction Utensils, Constructive Eating, $19.95 HERE. Your little construction worker will have too much fun shoveling food in his mouth to notice they are peas. 





Squirt, Boon, $7.99 HERE. These are so genius. The spoon opens and you load the baby food into it. Then, just squeeze into baby's mouth.





Snug Snap, Sip Snap, $11.95 HERE. Turn any cup into a spill-proof sippy cup with these stretchy lids.



Insulated Cup, Tommee Tippee, $8.49 HERE.If you've been a Tommee Tippee fan (or even if you haven't) these bottles are a great option. Insulated, spill-proof, and BPA free. 



Fluid, Boon, $5.99 HERE. These are great for little's starting to learn to drink independently. It's easy to grip with two hands and we love the sleek design.






Watchtower Hi Chair, Rory Unite, $295 HERE. These solid mahogany chairs and made to order and can be customized. 





Tripp Trapp, Stokke, $249 HERE. This chair will grow with your kiddo and is built strong enough to last.



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