About Us

At Stitched Custom Quilts, we make beautiful quilts delight, comfort and bring warmth to the world.

Our founder, Emily Taylor, a nationally recognized fabric and quilt designer, created Stitched Custom Quilts to bring 21st century technology to the age-old tradition of quilting. Using her quilting and design passion, we design quilts using custom software and technology to create traditional, modern and one of kind designs. Our quilts are quilted with long arm equipment and sewn and bound in our own manufacturing facility and by individual seamstresses operating in their homes or in local small businesses.

With deep roots in the quilting world, we support quilters by providing www.patternjam.com which includes free design tools and a social community where quilters can come together to design and exchange quilting ideas. This is the largest community of its kind and represents our desire to support traditional quilters in advancing the quilting craft.

Our production includes a mix of using local quilters to create our product with our high-quality standards. Each item produced is unique and is designed, printed, quilted and sewn in the United States providing income for local quilters and preserves quilting as a local craft. We use the highest quality materials and with our access to local quilters, our product is made with highly skilled professional crafters.

Our modern approach to quilting, includes a responsibility to the community, to our natural resources and sustainable development. We donate fabric scraps to our local chapter of Project Linus – an organization that makes hand make blankets for critically ill children – see www.projectlinus.org. Textiles not able to be reused are recycled through a local recycling organization that uses this waste for mattresses and other fiber filled applications. We recycle all packaging and printer waste.